Purchase Royalty Free Photos And Videos

Find images from the top most stock photo websites and use it for your project.

Working online as a blogger or runs a business, all need good quality photos. Introducing your business and you look at good high-quality photo and videos.

Royalty free photos

royalty free images

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Royalty free photos, right to use copyright material without the need to pay royalty fees or licence fees for each use or period of sales some time.

These royalty free photos or videos or vector images are not so costly that you have to make budget to purchase it. You get choice as the size of file and the format, such as JPEG file for $2.50 and width could be 700-800 pixels. If you decide to use in various way and sizes get editable file for $12 and re-size the image without losing the quality.

Choose the right file

If you just want to publish your book and seek some illustrations/cover you can get these photos in low price. your book would have fixed size and you can decide which size of file you must purchase.
Some files are separate and some are bulk like this one Van has four images in a single file and Cow silhouette is single image.

You may face difficulty on bulk images to select image for your project. Editable version of file will allow you to make it easy to use as you want or providing same to the designer. Single image purchase for JPEG can be directly used without any editing just select the file size.

List of websites


Some others royalty free image and video sites are