5 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

Are you looking for affiliate earnings? Join affiliate program to make some money online. Affiliate marketing networks where you will find niche products to promote.

Earn money by promoting someone else (vendors) products and services. Here you do not need to create your own products to earn online but promotion will make you money. Promotion is not only about posting on social sites but building a genuine audience to that product. Your promotion will make you money when you get some customers.

Affiliate marketing network in short

Talking about affiliate marketing networks which will give you a place where vendors and publishers meet. Vendors add their products and you as an affiliate get that one and promote to earn. Well, networks make it easy and also build trust so you can go ahead to focus on promotion.

There are many programs run affiliate/referral system which reward you. Today most of the website run affiliate system, this post is not about that but affiliate marketing network.

Affiliate Marketing

This is the simple diagram of how affiliate marketing works. You work as a mediator between advertiser and consumer.

To earn promoting, you really need some good audience and you should know their needs. Sell music instruments to the artist and sell music to people who want to buy (mostly their favorite artist albums).

Commision junction

CJ Affiliate This is considered the largest affiliate platform. If you have discussed in the group about affiliate or ever searched, you have come across them.

Most of the major retailers have their affiliate program on CJ Affiliate.

Payment: Check and direct deposite, minimum $50 required.

Commission Junction


ClickBank is another popular affiliate platform. It has been around since the earliest days of the internet.

Primary focus on digital products. Mostly found books and how to make money online, there were the most seen products in the early days.

Go through the category and select/search for the products you want to promote. Get the link and its ready.

Payment: Select from $10 – $1,000,000
Check and direct deposit. Now you can add your bank account to receive money directly.



ShareASale is one of the large affiliate networks provide customers with an advanced affiliate platform. Since 2000 there over 3900 merchandise in 40 different categories hosted.

Payments are made automatically on the twentieth day of each month when your account balance reaches the minimum of $50. No Paypal option available, they prefer direct bank deposit to get paid faster. They do ship payments via FedEx.

Payment: Bank deposite and $50 is required to get auto withrawal.



VigLink works very differently than other programs. It converts your normal out going links into affiliate liks, so you earn commission on it whenever someone buys throurgh it.

Instead of picking the merchants you want to work with, VigLink uses the dynamic links that automatically change.

Payment: PayPal, Electornic (ACH) for US based a/c, Check and Wire Transfer.
$10 for PayPal and $50 for ACH, check and wire.



Considered to be one of the oldest affiliate marketing networks. The company was nominated number one affiliate marketing network for seven years in a row.

Rakuten Marketing

Direct to commerce sites (Bonus)

There are many e-commerce sites which allow affiliate program, one can join directly to promote products. You can directly select the product to promote by choosing and getting the affiliate links.

Amazon affiliate program

This is the one online e-commerce website used by millions of sellers and customers around the world. It also let reseller/entrepreneur to earn some money by promoting products from its large collection. Despite seller and customer registration one can join as a promoter and earn good income monthly if one can promote any product wisely.

Payment: Check ($10), Gift Certificate ($10) and Direct deposit ($100) into bank account.

eBay program

Another e-commerce site available worldwide runs an affiliate program. So one can join directly and start promoting products from their large list of products.

Payment: PayPal and Direct deposit. Minimum amount to receive payment is $25.

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