Adhitz Sent Me Payment To Payza Automatically

Adhitz another ad platform and best for some people sent me payment automatically. All the payments which are higher than $1 are sent to publishers.

I joined Adhitz for a mobile site and also placed few ad codes on blogger sites. I did not earn a lot of money because of it ad content. They have mainly ads for money related, so the target is small I think.

I do believe more people search for online income but Adhitz mostly has same type of ad running all pages.

Adhitz is sold

Yes, now the new owner is going to control this site. So whole content may effect. I did not see the last mail about this site is on sale, but later noticed when I received a payment mail and a notice from Adhitz.

The former owner has maintained the site in these periods and waited for the new owner. The owner is now satisfied and finally announced the final steps to hand over the site to a new owner. Also promised to keep the site in good working condition until the new owner complete final step.

See the mail sent me after auto payment.
adhitz mail

Payment received to payza account

I received auto payment of $1.15 yesterday. Auto payment means I did not ask or requested Adhiz to sent me the amount I have earned so far as the site is going to closed/new owner.

This is not the minimum amount of request withdrawal. They sent me the amount because the new owner is going to get the site. For this, I am thankful to the owner who cared about their old members.

I never thought I could earn something from this site because I have no mobile site right now to place the ads and no suitable websites. Also not actively working with it.

See the mail below from payza of money received.
adhitz payment payza mail

The final amount on my payza account is $00.82 after the transaction fee. See the below image I have taken a screenshot of my payza account payment details.
payza payment details

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