Alphabet Icon Set Download

Get this alphabet icon set. Color editable and manageable size.

Purchase a whole set of mostly used icons. It is about alphabets we use in various places. For name initials, web icon, app icon or just for decorative purpose. Here is an icon set you can purchase for any project work.

Alphabet icons

The icon set is created in SVG format and available in EPS and JPEG (small, medium and large size) formats. Alphabet icon is in the yellow background and black font color. An easily recognized even smaller size of this design is used. As people like round icons mostly, this icon set is designed keeping in mind of especially these developers who like to use round icon set.

These icons are also the best choice for community sites owners/developers where default letter required to show when the username or profile image is not uploaded. This icon is just best for default profile, name, mail title and also for project titles. Use it for decorative purpose as well.
Purchase the whole set. 26 icons in JPEG and EPS format. See the license before purchasing if you decide to use it in various places and to edit it.

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Free use of these icon

The same icon design is also available for free download and free to use. This file is available and it is limited to only five alphabet characters.

A, B, C, D and E alphabets are available for free download. If you decide to get all other 21 alphabets for decorative purpose or any other uses, purchase it by the link given below.
The free file in image format and vector format is availble here. Free A, B, C, D & E icons

Free alphabet icon set
Get this free five vector icon set. All 26 icons are premium version.

This free vector image is available in the SVG format. All these five alphabets are separate with 2119×2000 px preview PNG file. As described above it is editable, you are allowed to change the colors. You just need an SVG file editing application. PNG file has 2000 px in size so single icon has limited size and smaller icon available for use but the SVG file has no limit on size.

How to edit these icon

Thanks for the download and the purchase. Enjoy the free and premium version of this vector file.

Alphabet icon set

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