Antos Typeface Download For Decorative Purpose

Introducing free typeface for decorative purpose. Antos in uppercase.

Antos typeface

Antos typeface

Antos font is designed for all decorative purpose like a banner, advertising, t-shirt, print and many other. So, if you find it useful and interested in it, go ahead and download for your own project. Only a credit is appreciated.

Files: OTF & TTF
Restriction: You are not allowed to sell directly or indirectly this file. Use with your content as you wish.

Why antos?

This font is mainly designed for the title and all decorative purposes to clearly display. Like in banner and advertisement. It is also best for the t-shirt design.

If you want your own custom t-shirt with this font, go download this file and design the word you want and then get your t-shirt from here.

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