Before Applying For Freebies

You should not be confused by the term freebies. It’s not new and may be you are reading this because you are looking how to receive or just who can get those.

These could be electronic gadgets, clothes, services or anything.

What is freebies?

Who can receive freebies?

If you like to give the review for products, then this is for you. The first thing you have to find if it’s available worldwide. If so, there would be limited products or online coupons and gift cards.
Freebies are for anyone, companies look for the person who can test their products.

There are many businesses, that give away free kinds of stuff. Unfortunately, not all websites are equal. Some of them are locally/country based but also there are websites allow international people to be a part of limited offers.

International freebies

Occasionally your local stores have offers and free services for new customers or for everyone. If you join any site which is not in your country you must see if they have offers for you. Because one can get news and updates from local stores but not from online stores or website which is not in their country. There are websites which have online services only so one much take care of it.

You get something without paying or say direct paying for the product/service.
You promote for them.
The product is simply a sample once only you can apply for free.
You are rewarded for keeping with them and they allow you to get a product for free.

Get the right one

As all websites are not equally created and freebies websites actually promoters. So, some useless websites will fill your inbox with emails and you keep clicking on links in hopes to get few free things.

There are many websites similar to the real one. And you might think to join them all to get more. These tricks do not work for all. Yes, joining as many sites and manage to all them to get free stuff worked for some people but not for all. Some list will guide you in getting real free stuff if you really want to get.

Before joining to any freebies site check

  • If it is available in your local/area. Not every program is available to everyone most of these are the country based if they have branches in other countries you should visit related website. They may/may not have same offers for you.
  • If they have a policy “One account per IP”. Some companies allow the international user to participate but do not allow to use different IP to visit the site. If you do then you can lose your account or you would not get proper information about your referrals and your visitor’s history. And only you would be responsible for all your losses (As they do mention it on their FAQ page).
  • If it is one chance only (No same product again). Some programs are only to promote their products and allow one product for free once, you can choose another for the second time but not twice the same product.
  • Can you promote to receive it, can you convince. If not then you should not engage yourself in such program where you have no other option than it.

Free gadgets and gift cards
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