Best Online Bitcoin Wallets

Want a bitcoin wallet to store your bitcoins? You just want a wallet to keep coins? Here are few bitcoin wallets you can get for you.

Bitcoin (BTC) wallets

A wallet is simple where you keep your money and frequently use to pay for products. So here bitcoin wallet in sense of wallet for bitcoin.

Many people have lost their coins

You have probably heard about tragic stories that people have lost their bitcoins. Hundreds to thousands of bitcoins just gone. Some people accidentally threw the hardware and other lost/forgot it. There was news about a lady, whose bitcoin were stolen. Also, I saw a Reddit post where a guy purchased an old computer and found some bitcoins there.

So, there are many stories like this and I thought you should know a little bit of involving yourself in the digital world if you are new here as well an alarm to old users.

Mostly the hardware wallet is considered as the safest wallet because no one except you can access it. When it is in the “cold storage” means disconnected from the internet, hackers can’t get anything from cold storage. Yes, sure you need to keep this safe.

Online bitcoin wallets

Because this post is about online wallet we will know the online bitcoin wallets. I would like to tell you, this type of wallet is easy to use but not secure like a hardware wallet.

If you are new in this field then you can try online wallet for low bitcoin transfer so that you can experience it. You are free to use as much large amount to use there. Also, remember there are charges, so better know it before making any transaction (Once I lost all my PTC earning for low coin transfer).


CoinBase bitcoin wallet

I started with CoinBase because I could not afford any other wallet such as hardware and I was new to use digital currency. So, I would suggest you get this wallet which will give you to hold other currencies like ETH (Ethereum), LTC (Litecoin), BCH (Bitcoin cash) including BTC.

CoinBase also has the app but it is not necessary to get it. You can use the app if you are comfortable to use both or one.

Join CoinBase


Xapo bitcoin wallet

Then you can go with Xapo. It is not discussed on forums and blogs as frequently with other wallets but it is one of the trusted bitcoin wallet providers.

To use Xapo wallet you would need a smartphone app now because of security. The verification code which is known as “Second-Factor” needs to be done on web login, which appears in the smartphone app.

Supports BTC, BCH, BTG, USD and maybe your country currency. You can send, receive, transfer, buy/sell currency and add money. (only BTC available to receive whether, in USD, it will convert into USD after receiving)

Join Xapo

Apart from these

There are even more wallet providers, most of them support multi-currency to attract customers but they have higher charges for many reasons. I am sure nobody will like to get wallet by paying a higher rate unless you have to hold a large amount and works with trading (they supports trading).

A better way to get the web wallet through the recommendation of the official site. Here we can trust on which have listed it.

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