Best Paying URL Shortener Sites To Make Money

Online earnings are everywhere, just search about it and you will see a lot of suggested sites from any search engines. One of the most popular and easy way to make money online is URL shortener. There are so many similar sites out and they are paying good in my knowledge and some are not showing any result now, because they are finished.

I was using few of them as I have a post here titled making money with URL shortener service. Some of services are closed and the other side we see new services. We have some of great paying sites which are quite popular. Not all just move to another service and start it again. People are so active sharing files and pictures online and these services just pay to share a link then you should give it a try because you are not going to loss.

URL shortener services are to create and share creating long links into short easy to keep it mind, you can not send long links through SMS. There are URL shortener services which does not pay.
URL shortener make money

URL shortener to make money

I like this service because you do not need any programming knowledge to make even $1, however you do promote it mind it not spam. You have to do it in a correct way, as I posted here making money with URL shortener service you can not use most famous social sites facebook and twitter. People are more active in these two sites where it was full of posts everyday with these URL shortener service created links. So most social sites have banned some of URL shortener service providers, there are more URL shortener service you can use to post on social sites.

URL shortener service providers

Pays $2 for 1000 visits and minimum payout amount is $5. You can use such nice tools provided by them like social share icons (facebook, twitter and google+), WordPress plugin, BlogSpot comments, twitterfeed and dlvr integration.

Offers $5 for 1000 views. Traffic from top countries give you $2.8 for 1000 views and they pay for all legitimate visitors at least $1.5 for 1000 views. Multiple views from same viewer are also counted.
(UK= $2.8, US= $2.75, Norway= South Africa= Finland= $1.83, all country= $1.5)

URL shortener offers $4 for 1000 views with family safe ads and no popups. Use single link shortener or mass shrinker for more links at once. Minimum payout is $10.

One of the best url shortener service to make money. You can join as free user or upgrade for more features. Free account holder has no option to interstitial ad, branded domain and premium support. Premium account holders can place own custom ads, cost you $14.55/month. Minimum payout is $25. They do not pay fixed CPM, pay 70% of revenue share.

Pays $1 – $3 for 1000 views. Minimum payout amount is $5. Each time that an advertiser will purchase ads, publishers get 70% of the sale.

This is CPA link locking service. Every visitors who wants to see the contents of your original link will need to complete an offer. Commission for this you get from $.010 – $10 depends on offers available. They do not have fixed rates for clicks and your links shortened by would not be seen without completing one of the available offer.

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