Connect Android Phone To PC Using QR Or Hotspot Via ShareIT

ShareIt is using by many of us to transfer files without using mobile data. This is one of file transfer apps to send offline files instantly.

ShareIt can be connected by three easy methods

It does not require the pin to set the connection between Android phone to PC. Just download the app for both devices whether android to android, PC to PC or Android to PC.
There are three options one I mentioned in the last post. All these three are easy only one method takes more time and other two do not take much time. Visit for the first method How to connect android to PC? and other two are here in.

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1. How to connect android with PC using QR code?

Connecting to devices using QR code need to open ShareIt on PC first. Wait to appear hotspot name there.

ShareIt PC
Open ShareIt on PC and wait to initialize hotspot name.

Now hit “Show QR code” link on PC and ready android phone to connect by “Connect to PC”, then “Scan to Connect” button.

Connect to PC
Tap on user icon displayed on top left side for options.
ShareIt QR and hotspot connection
ShareIt for android to PC connection using QR scan and Hotspot.

Now adjust mobile camera to scan QR code provided by ShareIt PC app. That’s all, your devices are now connected.

adjust camera
Adjust the phone camera to scan QR code displayed on PC app.

2. How to connect Android with PC using hotspot?

This is same like above steps, just replace QR code with Search hotspot of mobile in PC app. Then tap on “PC Search Mobile” button on the Android phone and your devices are connected, start sending files.

Connected devices display on PC app

Successful connected device will show icon with username entered by you on PC app.

ShareIt on PC
Device is connected and icon with username appeared on PC app.

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