How To Connect Android Phone To PC Via ShareIT

ShareIt for android phones to transfer photo or files with another android mobile. It’s file sharing app for smart phones.

ShareIt requires on both devices to share files. Bluetooth sharing cannot be ignored in this, both devices must be connected first (using pin). In same way file sharing apps require same LAN to send and receive files.

Files sharing

Basically you can share files online and offline. Online sharing is for everyone offline sharing for local. Online files sharing are so easy today with social sites and online storage. A link to the file is provided from the host, so anyone can access to these. Most file sharing apps can be used in smart phones to send and receive files and support PC to smart phone sharing too.

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How to connect android phone with PC using QR code and hotspot?

To connect it check the version

First to check before connecting your PC and android phone you must check version for both. Means updated version to be used on both devices.
I got ShareIt app from my brother and using it without checking for updates. Few dates back (before writing this post) I had to transfer files from my phone to PC then I felt the need to update it. I searched for ShareIt app for my laptop and installed it, obviously current version of it.

Why your PC is not connecting to your smart phone or any other device you have installed ShareIt?

I got ShareIt from my brother and later I searched for PC version, choose ShareIt app for your device

Why your phone is not connecting to PC? The first reason could be version of the app. Just check google store for updates. In my case it was the old version of mobile phone app the only one reason I found when I visited the app page to add my review. You can not add your review if you have old version and there is updated version of the app. After updating it, I thought to try connecting once again then add my review there. It worked and I am able to transfer files. It is so simple and it doesn’t need to add/create settings.

ShareIt settings for android and PC

How to connect android phone to PC/Laptop? Here you do not need any settings to connect android phone to PC, only thing if you want to change is icon and username to display.
Step 1: Open ShareIt on both device (PC and Android).

ShareIt on Android
Open ShareIt on android phone
ShareIt PC
Open ShareIt on PC and wait to initialize hotspot name.

Step 2: Tap to user image and then select “Connect to PC”

Connect to PC
Tap on user icon displayed on top left side for options. (android view)
Accept the connection request on PC.

Step 3: Wait until PC icon appears on your android phone than tap it.

Accept the connection
Tap the icon on android phone.

Step 4: Window appears on PC screen to get connected, click “Accept”. Also you can set it not to appear again in future by selecting check-box.

Accept the connection request on PC.

Step 5: Now both devices are connected and ready to send files. Files can be sent from both devices just choose files.

Android phone connected to PC
Connected via ShareIt. (android view)
PC connected to Android phone
Connected via ShareIt. (View on PC)

Now you can send or receive any files to PC or from PC to android phone. Below image of android phone showing file, just select images and tap send button. Immediately you will see all files on PC.
Send files vis ShareIt

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