Convert Your Text To Speech Online

How to convert text to speech like some English speaker is talking? Well, it is very easy now and free.

I wanted to help those looking for such an application which will convert text to an mp3 file. I personally recommend all you to better use your own voice for YouTube channel or other places. For some reason you want to use such a program then here it is.

Text to speech converter

Text to speech
You can convert any text to audio and download it even use as you want. There are many tools available online also there are smartphone apps which allow you to convert your voice into another but here talking about the text to speech.

The online program lets you convert any text to speech means audio. You get an option to choose from the gender and some of them give you the ability to manage the speed of audio.

Is it legal to use

Yes, it is legal to use in any type of use. But not all program allows you to do so.

You must read their terms of use. Many programs give their services for free with limited features and others give a license to use for professional uses.


FromTextToSpeech This was my first online convert and found pretty easy. It is free and you can choose the voice for famale or male speaker.

Text2Speech Another free online converter with similar features. 4000 character is allowed in one time convertion. You also get Hindi speaker and talking speed to choose.

SoftGateon Very simple and has online to choose the speaker voice and enter text to convert. Your audio file is ready.

Text2Speech Here you can upload your text file you want to convert.

TextToMP3 HD voices USA , Canada, English, Germani, French, Italian, Spainish voices available. You can even add background music along your speech.

Register member can have up to 10k words.

There are even more tools similar to these which are enough to convert any text to audio file within minutes.

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