Creating a page for fund raising

You are in need and want to ask friends for donation? Asking for money online is not unknown today. Set a page for fund raising which shows all information about you and the reason.

Creating a page is easy and raise funds quickly than asking in your local area, web page can be access from anywhere and can be paid using credit cards and online payment platform like paypal.

May be you are in need of money for personal use, self improvement, raise charity fund, healing and for many other reason. There are sites online you can get register for free and start raising fund. You will be provided a page where you can write your need/desire for donation. Many people are asking money to complete own wish.

Start with crowdfunding site

If you have decided to ask donation for your own purpose or for you charity, you can go direct to crowdfunding site and start writing simple note on why you need money. Crowdfunding sites specially designed for people who seek money. You can create your personal page you can easily share it on social media. Number of campaign you can create, all these pages will be available on crowdfunding directory and can be seen.

Make your story simple, start what you are doing currently and then go why you are need money. Do not try to fake your visitors, real story and updated photographs will easily raise your fund.

Crowdfunding site allow you a page for each campaign.
You do not need to have programming knowledge.
Page you create will be present in directory so easily can be found.
You get cool looking button to paste into webpages.

Some crowdfunding sites

You can find more using search engine by “crowdfunding” keyword. Not all support in your region, check if personal funding is allowed and payment option, some of them require you to have business paypal account and some accept personal also.

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