DMCA – Protect your content

Digital Millennium Copyright Act
You are losing your revenue, content being stolen? Stop them! Protect your content with free badge or go pro.

Copyright protection of your content

Are you worried about your contents being copied infringement? Protect your original content from theft. Watermark your images with your logo.

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) can help with stolen Blog contents, pictures, website, video, games, blogs, graphic. It is U.S. copyright law you can use this service to even not U.S. citizen. Let DMCA protect your original content, use their protection badge free or go for pro account with the guarantee that online criminals hesitate before copying your materials.

Website Protection Pro

The DMCA badge protection is completely free, there are no sign up or monthly fees to get protection badge on your website. They also offer upgrade service called Protection Pro for $10/month – $100/month. As all other services has limit for free account DMCA has also limitation such as website detective tool, account verification, verified account status, watermark- custom logo and more.

How to start protecting site

It is simple, you just have to place protection badge on your web page and everything else will be done automatically. Go and register for free, once logged you can navigate to “My Protection Pages” and click “Add New Pages to My Protection Plan”. Pick the badge you like, copy the embed code and paste it either in the footer of website or on the certain page. All pages contains DMCA protection badge will be automatically added to your protected pages.

Easy to protect pages just put DMCA protection badge on pages you want to protect, this pages will be listed in your account under protected pages list. You can design by own coloring for DMCA protection badge to match with your blog/website colors or select one of them from 90+ badges.

Plugins available

I think you would be glad to know there are plugins for WordPress, blogger and facebook. Facebook DMCA protection for Facebook album watermark. These three are available to free user and also for pro account holder.

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