Earn $5 To Complete Micro Jobs

For all you who are looking for easy jobs from home. As there are many idea to get paid online by doing simple tasks.

If you are here that means you know there is opportunity online to make some real money. If you are new in this field then start from easy earning PTC sites.

What are micro jobs?

In short I can explain this as small jobs for what you get money. Micro jobs is something for what you want to add some extra features to your service/company.

Suppose you have a team, provides PC repairing and selling and want to advertise it. Here micro jobs website give you a place to find you advertiser and the people who is/are going to advertise it for you is paid for this from you. Micro jobs from you to them.

Micro jobs are all types of job, task-type temporary jobs.

How much does it pay?

Micro jobs are easy to do yet not anyone can do. It is simple because who do not know the SEO he can not do it even writing, commenting and social media likes are sold here for small amount.

Money can be earned from $00.20 – $40 for a task. Even less or more depends on the task and the person who is going to do it. You can ask a person $4 – $5 for 400 youtube visits. There is no excuse we all would like real fans and visits for our fan pages/groups. So it vary by person to person and their needs.

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Work From Home

Online community moderator
Earn as a freelancer

ShortTask $00.20-$10
TenBux $5-$40
JobBoy $00.10- withdrawal amount $10
Gicree $5 to up
iFreelance Higher, keep 100% earning
GigBucks $5 – $50

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