eToro CopyFund Cryptocurrencies Investment

eToro launches cryptocurrencies investment CopyFund, enable you to invest quickly in pre-defined investment strategies.

eToro investment in cryptocurrency

CopyFund cryptocurrency investment
CopyFund (The next generation investment product of eToro) gives you investment exposure to the two different digital currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. And planning to add more over the coming months, like DASH, LiteCoin and Ripple

They have dedicated market for Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can trade them separately. Watch from other cryptocurrency traders and copy their strategy or create your own.

* ALL TRADING INVOLVES RISKS. YOU MUST INVEST THE CAPITAL YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSS. Past experience is not the indication of future result.

  • eToro’s Crypto CopyFund offers exposure to Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH,
    LiteCoin, Ripple and Ethereum Classic
  • Investors now able to access all major cryptocurrencies on the online

People who know about cryptocurrencies would be familiar with the popular digital currency Bitcoin. Ethereum is another one in the digital currency. So both of these are now available individually on the platform now. Investors will be able to invest in other currencies via the CopyFund.

Co-founder and CEO eToro, Yoni Assia said:

“2017 has been a defining year for cryptocurrencies. The global market has now topped $100 billion
and the last few months alone have seen an influx of new cryptos entering the space.”

“We have seen an increasing number of our clients looking for a simpler way to access investments in cryptocurrencies – with a view to building a portfolio in the future. They were asking how to allocate their investments between the two largest cryptocurrencies that are traded on eToro, so we have launched an automatically rebalanced investment strategy to simplify their investments into this new exciting asset class.”

About eToro

eToro is leading online trading and investing community. Award winning platform connects you to a global growing network. Expertise in short trading in Bitcoin and long term investing in bank stocks.

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Trading community, learn from the best investors and copy their strategy.

  • The minimum amount needed to invest in COpyFund is $5000.
  • No restriction on stopping you investment anytime.
  • The underlying financial transactions initiated by a CopyFund, see the pricing page. However there is no management fees with investing in CopyFund.

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