First Option To Connect Android Phone To PC Via Xender

There are few Android applications used by people to share files to PC from Android phone and vice versa. Xender is one of them.
You can transfer files from PC to your phone or phone to PC by many ways. DropBox and other file hosting service provider allow you to upload files and share with anyone on the web. Xender app is another choice where you need to download the mobile app and open your web browser.
Unlike SHAREit, here PC browser is used to send and receive files.

Two option to connect

Here xender has two option you can easily connect your Android phone and PC. Options are same as SHAREit does.
1. WiFi connection.
2. Create a new hotspot.

This first option creating connection between PC and android phone to transfer files. Let’s start with it.

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Connect android phone to PC

Now open your android app and tap on user icon present on top left corner. Profile picture if you have set or the name initial appear.
Now tap on “Connect to PC”

xender connect to pc
On mobile app tap “connect to pc”
This will show two option to connect the mobile phone to PC.
Option to connect
Two option to connect.


WiFi Settings If your PC is already connected with other hotspot (internet is using) you can use the same connection.

  • Then you will be asked to open the browser to put address “” (initial internet is required) then you have to scan the QR code appeared on web page.


  • Address look like you have to open on PC browser. Then instantly pop message appear on both side, you have to accept on mobile. Now ready to send and receive files.
xender connection
Now open address given on web browser.
Xender app scan QR code open a page. Scan QR code using xender app

Open web browser

Tap to “accept” button on the mobile app.

Accept connection
Accept connection

Now your mobile phone is connected to PC and ready to send files or receive. Here mobile app works with PC web browser to send and receive files. You can control on the web browser as well as on mobile app to transfer.
On web browser there is drag and drop option is available to send files from PC to mobile phone. You always have the simple way to send the file by the button provided.

Web view of successful connection.
Web view of successful connection.

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