Fix ShareIT Mobile To PC Connection

You too facing hotspot initialization failed issue? Try these steps to work SHAREit.

SHAREit is one of the popular file transferring application people generally use for PC and smartphone file transferring. It is easy to connect your mobile phone with PC with different ways. People have similar problem as I had “hotspot initialization failed”.

Although it’s every version brings bugs fixes and improvements, its PC version is still under development. So, if you try to find the solution for this issue you would get very similar answers as given here. The first step is to get the update. Look for other caused if you still face the same.

fix ShareIt PC
Open ShareIt on PC and wait to initialize hotspot name. Turn other apps OFF.

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How to fix SHAREit mobile to PC connection

Fix SHAREit mobile to PC connection check these points.

  • Check for update. Possibly a cause with you as I had in the next day of app download.
  • Disable firewall of antivirus on PC and check. Add the exception for SHAREit on the firewall. settings.
  • The hotspot created on PC by SHAREit app may cause problem. If this connection method fails, try using your mobile phone SHAREit hotspot to connect PC. (See how to create SHAREit hotspot in step 2)
  • WiFi or hotspot is not stable, reboot your phone and try again.
  • Disconnect internet connection (Wi-Fi). Necessary otherwise PC would not be able to locate mobile hotspot.
  • Also check if you have other similar apps installed on PC which uses WiFi connection and it is left ON.
  • Not connecting by any mean. Turning PC WiFi OFF and back ON may fix the problem.

SHAREit does auto steps on the mobile phone when connecting. It turns OFF internet connection and turns ON WiFi, if not you should take the action (as described above).
Sometimes it unable to create a hotspot on PC when you have turned ON the mobile data or already connected to other apps.

Reboot and closing other apps while using SHAREit app help you to make a connection. Thinking one of these steps will solve the problem.

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