FlexClip Review | Online Video Maker And Video Editor

Want to make a video with your photographs? FlexClip can help you to do so, without taking much time.

FlexClip is an online video maker and editor which allow anyone to create/edit video in an easy way. With such tools, anyone can make a professional video within a few minutes. As a video maker, it contains all the basic features one can make and edit video.


by PearlMountain Technology
PLATFORMS: / Web Browser, Windows App


FlexClip online video editor

A simple way to make your video online. Here you can quickly start making a video by photo without installing to the computer. No need to learn how to use, however, the tutorial will help you to start if you never ever tried any kind of video maker.

FlexClip video maker

Upload media

Add photo, video and background to your storyboard.

Manage storyboard

Here you can edit the photo, video or record voiceover.


Trim unwanted part of the video you do not want to show.

Add text

Now add text or edit it. Choose a style you want to apply.

Add music

Add your favorite background music. Switch to music tab and upload your file and edit it.


Before saving the file you can check if the video is perfect. See the preview, if everything is okay hit the export button. Now choose the video quality you need (480p, 720p or 1080p).


Basic feature to level up your video is included. So you can manage photographs as you wish to show. Uploading photographs is a click away and for other features, you do not need to go through a tutorial.

Features like trim, add music, add voiceover, add text, video merge, photo to video, split video, rotate, rotate video and watermark are there.

Most important part I have noticed is watermark where many software does not allow you to put your own unless you purchase a license. For a free editor, these features are enough to get a professional video with photo and background music. Add watermark if you wish.


FlexClip could be one best place for newbies who want quick video with basic features. Best place for first time user. It really helps a lot to understand how video editing works.

If you do not want to install a video editor for any reason, go for this online editor. This will give your video professional work with basic editing feature.

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