Get Free Mobile Recharge India

Get free mobile recharge

There are many websites you can earn free credits to make balance to your mobile phone in India. Using these websites anyone can earn up to 5 rupees per day or even more. It’s all about participating in easy quiz/competition and you can recharge your mobile phone without paying any rupee.

Free Mobile Recharge

Get free mobile recharge with zypog

Zypog is offering free talk-time to Indian, this is one of the website offering free talk-time to win game and completing quiz.

You are not going to pay for it, just join them free and start earning. There is no easier than completing the offers and get money to make mobile phone balance.

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Free Mobile Recharge

How to start

As I described, it’s free to join and you can start earning instantly. Visit Zypog register and click to answer quiz or read email.

After free registration you see dashboard like this


Three quizzes you can take everyday and all these give you Rs. 1 to compete. You get extra Rs. 0.50 to answer all questions.

Three quizzes are- Fun, Math and Trivia quiz. All these have 15 questions each, means 15 x 3 = 45 questions total. So easy questions anyone can complete and awarded with money.

Complete quizzes to get free mobile recharge

Math quiz has simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and sometime easy equation to complete. Four options given with each question. Type the correct answer in the box given and hit the button.
Fun quiz has question with four options as math quiz. Choose the correct answer and be awarded.
Trivia quiz is simple yes or no option, you have to choose from. Type correct answer to receive the amount in the box.

Example of math quiz

1. Math Quiz will have 15 Questions to answer.
2. Each question will have 4 options.
3. You have to answer all 15 questions to get this game completed.
4. After completing you will be credited with Rs.0.5/-.
5. You can play this game Daily and get Rs.0.5/- Daily.

All three quizzes are very similar showing here preview of math quiz.
Step 1
math quiz
Step 2
math quiz ans
Step 3 You get Rs.1 to complete all 15 questions.
math quiz complete

Even more you can do to earn free mobile recharge

Daily login bonus is Rs. 00.10
daily login bonus
No only quizzes you complete and get free mobile recharge but inbox mail, daily login and referring friends will let you earn more.

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Click the button above to start getting free mobile recharge. Most of people are using social sites to only posts and reply if you can get free money like this, if you can gain something its better to loss more.