Get paid to write about gaming

Do you play games? Online, PC, Mobile games? You play/test almost every games?
Would you like to make some money to write about?

If you can write then you can earn writing on any topic but here the post about gaming posts. You have played many games action, adventure or puzzle then you would easily describe it and share your experience with other fellow gamers.

Paid to write

Paid to write is so common, there is well-known community of writers like Even member get paid for posting and comments on community sites.

Writing is fully different to posts and likes. Writing on any topic is not promoting any products if you can entertain people by your writing skill, you can make some good money. Online writers earn from ads displayed on the sidebar of the article page. The reader will click ads if the post is well written and they enjoy it, so the reader will search more about same by clicking more links and sidebar ads.
Paid to write for GameSkinny
GameSkinny is platform for games journalism. The video game industry began in 1971 and now we have many game categories and features. Today we have specific gadgets for video games, we have gaming fans as celebs social pages you will see fan pages and forums for gaming discussion.

GameSkinny a place for the writer to write in the gaming community to develop skills and earn money.

To join GameSkinny you need to be invited, talk to the person on the site or friends. You can register for an account and get code, they invite periodically.

Write about gaming

You can find if do not know gaming industry and how the business worth. I love games not much but yes I try some of them for fun. Today you know every single person own a mobile phone and all these phones come with some games installed previously, so figure it out how many people play games and search for new. SmartPhones have not game installed but apps, you can search and find to download. Google has play store and similar stores by other companies are for people to get it.

I didn’t find many posts on facebook and other social sites but it seems people like games. Once I had posted about gaming consoles people liked that more than my other posts and it was instant.

Whatever you came with the value, the gaming industry is booming. Worth about 86 billion dollar and this stimulate gaming review sites. I was surprised at seeing a forum dedicated to an action game (not the category but to the single game) and it was running superbly.

You get paid to write about gaming

This is not about story or program writer job. Gaming writers often consider to write about the game but this is the article writing, not story. You write about games and accessories. Games you have played and looking to get one, anything you can write and engage people, so they will stay and mark your article or you on site.

What to write?

You should write on gaming only not promoting any site but own experience and tutorial. Let game lovers find new games and tell them how to play. You can write the article related to games not to place links to any site. You can mention the company and their site/blog and store to get that game, talk about cost and consoles.

All your articles will be reviewed by the staff, you will get notice if your article/articles got published or rejected articles.

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