Giveaway Of The Day

Giveaway of the day for a day only.

There are lots of apps for devices some are for fun and some are most important for developers. These helpful apps are costly and require to purchase a license. These apps would cost you near about $19 or higher.

We like giveaway

You would like to get some free apps/software or in low price. Most people could not decide if they should purchase it or not. So, a free download would help them. Here showing you a site where you can find free apps and games to download for your smartphone, software for windows PC. The site is know as GiveawayOfTheDay.

Freebie/giveaway is not actually free. They are part of promotion, so you get these in legal ways.

These are legal

Apps and software can be downloaded in discounted price when a company promotes new products. These apps are genuine and allow the legal download. They may have a key you would require to enter or just single installation.
There are many websites and mobile phone apps provide service to get premium apps free of cost. Some apps are a survey/paid to test apps which let members download once to test them.

Giveaway of the day

Giveaway of the day provide legal apps/software for android, iPhone and windows PC. These mostly free to download and some are provided in discounted price for a day. Giveawayoftheday has free apps for a day. You get those free download which is free for 24 hrs only.

How to download?

Downloading is very simple, just visit the site and see all available apps. These apps/software will be there for 24 hrs only, so careful you would not get same back again.

Free for 24 hrs

giveaway of the day
Visit the site by the link given in this post and you will all offer in the home page. You can visit for games or windows software by menu tap displayed on top.
Click to offer and the description page will open, where Download Now button sends you to the app store to get the same product.

Some items have featured

Some are featured itmes and available for more than a day. You can participate to win such offers.
giveaway of the day free software download

Visit the page and you will see all downloads for a day on the main page. For all other apps, hit menu on top.


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