How To Host WordPress With Bluehost

Ever wonder how to install WordPress with BlueHost? Here is a guide to set up your first WordPress blog. Follow simple step to set your new site.

If it is your first time getting own blog with WordPress or just wonder how to set using BlueHost, then here is a guide let you understand it.

Getting a WordPress site is unlike using drag and drop website builders. There is two way to get WordPress site, one is to get the ZIP file from its official site, then upload using to the server. Another way is one-click installation which is available to almost all hosting providers. Here you will know BlueHost one-click WordPress site installation, which is quite simple.

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Guide to install WordPress with BlueHost

When looking for the best WordPress hosting providers, BlueHost reviews often mention it as one of the best in the business. There is a good reason for that – a combination of great speeds, perfect WordPress optimization, and 24/7 support makes this host one of the favorites in many hosting reviews. However, even with a host like this you still might need some help to set up a website. This is what this tutorial is for – showing you the easiest way to have your BlueHost WordPress page up and running in just a few minutes. Here’s how you can do it

Get used to the panel

Once you purchase the hosting servers and login to the website, you will be subject to this screen.

Bluehost dashboard

Don’t be alarmed! There are plenty of things you can do here and if you’re interested, you could snoop around. However, if you have a domain and want to make a WordPress website, the only part that should interest you is this one:

Bluehost site builder

In here, select “Install WordPress” this will redirect you to an installation wizard.

Go through the installation wizard

Once you click on that icon, you will be sent to this screen:

Select domain

It’s a rather simple process here. You have to select a web address to which WordPress will be installed. If you have purchased a domain with BlueHost as well, by clicking on ‘Domain’ you will get only one option to choose from. So pick it.

Then leave the ‘Directory’ part blank – this way, BlueHost will name a directory on its own. It’s really no big deal.

After this, you will be prompt to write your admin information.

Admin interface

Keep this part in your memory and change everything to the way you want it to be. Admin’s email address should be the one you use regularly, as it will receive important information and will be used should you lose your password. Site Name is going to be what your website will be called and username/password is what you will use to login to the admin panel. Pick some good ones and keep them a secret!

After you choose them, click ‘Next’ and you will be sent to the next window. There you will be subject to multiple upselling attempts. If you don’t want to pay extra – don’t buy them! Just wait until the installation finishes and you see this screen.

install success

That’s it! Although BlueHost will tell you the website is only ‘50% done’, it’s actually much more than that – you’re so close!

You don’t need to check the paid WordPress themes, all the login information will be displayed at the top right corner. Just go to the website URL you see there.

If you flew through the entire setup process quickly, doing so may lead to an error screen which says that DNS servers could not be found. Don’t worry – in a few minutes, it should sort itself out automatically.

If everything is fine, you should see this screen:


Here, just write the username/password combination you made earlier and you’re in!

Get to know the Dashboard

The dashboard is a part of pretty much every single WordPress site. In BlueHost, however, it is strongly modified – but that only makes setting up your website easier.

Bluehost wordpress dashboard

In the Dashboard right here, just choose what kind of website are you looking to make. Doing so will lead to a tiny questionnaire which will help you set up the required basics.

Main page appearance

Fill it up and soon you will see a modified BlueHost WordPress panel – an easy way to set up blog posts, separate pages, menus, eCommerce and much more.

Wordpress ready

In here, I recommend selecting ‘Customize’ and browsing the available free themes. BlueHost offers you an opportunity to buy plenty of premium designs and even use the help of a WordPress professional but this is a good way to start.

Theme gallery

Find your theme if you know already which theme will best suit your business, the search tool is always there to have a quick search.

Look around and see, maybe something looks exactly like your dream site! In all of the themes, you will be allowed to change menus, colors and many other things. Don’t be afraid to pick one and experiment a little.

When you’re done with everything and have enough content on your website, it’s time to launch it to the masses. Just go to ‘Home’ in your BlueHost WordPress menu and click on ‘Launch’.

And that’s it! Now you have your own WordPress website, complete with custom design and great BlueHost hosting. Fill it up with amazing content and make it great.

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