How To Add Google Adsense Program To YouTube Channel?

YouTube channel earning starts with the Google AdSense program. So how to do this when someone does not find the way to do so?

It is also called YouTube monetization. In Google dashboard, you will see if you are eligible for it or not. Do not worry, eligibility does not require any courses to be done.

Join YouTube partner program

To start earning you have Adsense account because it is separate service from Google. Get an account there using your Gmail account, if you have not one. It is easy and quick.

Now go to your YouTube channel by login. Follow the steps to go to YouTube’s dashboard.

Click on icon appears on the top right side. And click “My Channel” option in the drop down menu.

YouTube menu

Click “Customize Channel” button appears on My Channel page.

YouTube customize channel

Click “Video Manager” tag appear on top of the channel banner.

YouTube video manager

On the left navigation menu bar, click “Channel” option.
Under “Channel” see “Status and feature” section.

YouTube monetize
Here you will see your status and features you can add your YouTube channel. For AdSense, you have to join YouTube’s partner program which will monetize your videos.

You can enable the YouTube partner program if you have AdSense account and complete the criteria. Click the “enable” button and go through the review process. Your application will be approved if everthing is fine.


Skip all these steps and go directly to the Dashboard.

Eligibility critaria

  • 4000 hrs watch time.
  • 1000 subscribers.
  • Adsense account.

Short video for steps

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