How to change myspace display username

MySpace layout has changed, last time I visited it was easy to login and manage. Now its look like music/video playlist where you can find all music and play.

Changing MySpace displayed UserName

Looking, how to change MySpace display username? You can change MySpace display username by this method.
1. Login to MySpace account by login button on left side bar below Sign Up button.
2. You can visit your account main page by clicking your name on left side of footer bar.
3. Next is setting icon present (appears like gear), click it and option to account where you can change display name, password, email.

Hit gear icon

Click gear icon and then account.
MySpace setting

Choose from option available

Setting page will show five option to manage.
Basic Information, Account Type, Email, Password, Delete Account
Basic Account To manage basic information like full name, user name, date of birth.
Account Type Where you can add your profession like Musician, Developer, Blogger, Writer….
MySpace account setting

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