How To Create Google Plus Brand Page

To build your brand awareness google help you to get a brand/small business page. It helps you to promote and interact with customers. Let them know updates and upcoming event by following your google plus page.

Just like facebook and twitter, google offers a page to promote the product. Google community is not so active on facebook and twitter, however, it is important for various reasons and especially to build awareness. Probably it is important because of Google, as a large company gives you search benefits.

How to get a google plus brand page?

Like Facebook, you need to get a personal profile on Google plus. If you do not have one yet, sign up and create your profile first. You can only get a business page once your google plus profile has been created.

If you do not have Google plus personal profile by going to and complete it.

Now follow these steps to create a business page


You can create busienss page by going directly to google plus brand page or visit and click “Brand” link display in botton left side.

google plus brand


In this page you can create your business brand page or a page for the blog. Click the button.

Create google brand page


Here put business/site name for which you want a page and click “Create” button.

Put name

When your Google plus brand is enabled your fans can search for you and find your brand on Google+. Your brand can post the comment and able to create own collection.

Customize it

Your brand page is ready and now you need to upload your brand profile image, cover image and details. Put your website link, social account links, contact number, address and etc.

Start sharing

Now you have done all and ready to post. You can also participate in collection and comment using this brand name you have just created.

Watch this short video about creating Google plus brand page

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