How To Delete Mi Account | Xiaomi Cloud Account

Deleting Mi account totally. Steps here to delete Mi cloud account you have been using to keep all your files for make reasons.

Reason to get Mi account

For security purposes, we use cloud accounts like here in Mi cloud to keep all your files which help you to keep it safe and recover all those important files wherever you need to format the device. This is the main reason to use Mi account.

After formatting the device you get all your files back on your device easily. Just a “Sign in” works.

Why deleting Mi account

Why someone needs to delete it?

There could be any reason, we can leave this part. But we can really discuss in it that your data is important for you only and you can delete without any reason. We use cloud storage for backup purpose, right?

In my case, I was exchanging Xiaomi with Moto X4 and no longer a customer of Xiaomi. So, do not say in future I would use the same account then why would I kee that sensitive data/files in the cloud storage…

Flipkart store:

Steps to delete

No further delay, follow the steps. Because this post is about to delete Mi account, which you can access correctly using a web browser. A mobile browser also works fine.

You are removing full of your file from cloud storage, definitely, you will delete phone storage too. Formatting your phone is easy.

Setting – Factory reset/back up – Ok button
Or you can do this through Mi account too with a single click.

Follow these steps

Now you have to use this link to delete all your files from the cloud. And note all your files will be deleted and no possibility to get this back.

It will ask you to log in. Use the credential.
Then you will be redirected to your account setting page with a confirmation window, like below image.

Confirm to delete mi account
NOTE: You need to know before doing this action that your all files/data will be deleted permanently with your account.

Later you can register for the same if you get new Xiaomi phone in future.

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