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Are you a software developer or a designer or a marketer or a director? And looking how to earn some money using the skills you have? You love it doing what you know, right?

Let’s get into this. Basically, you are a creator. You create and design logo, illustration, painting, develop add/website, create the video, compose music. I saw much time people have the same question every day. How to earn as a developer?

Earning from home as a developer

  • Sell your work
  • Do freelancer job

Sell it

There are many ways to earn as a creator. A script developer, graphic designer or music composer can sell their work for money. This is the one idea you can earn money. If you are an expert in it, then there is definitely good money.

Freelancer job

Another way is working as a freelancer. Join freelancer sites and show your demo work there to get hired. Also, find jobs related to your interest and talent. Your profile on many social sites also a best idea, where you manage all your works and tell how you do it.

Evan most of the people are earning getting hired through YouTube channel. You show your talent, put details and business contact number in about tab.

Both in one place

envato developer
I am here mentioning the easiest way to do both. You do not need to look for two different sites to sell and for freelancer jobs. Do both in the same place.

This is best for script developers, photographers, UI designers, vector (icon, illustrator) artists, music composure, directors and so. Just best for almost all.

For this, you need to create a good portfolio. It is possible creating a portfolio is difficult for some people but there are many sites let you do so. I remember once I wanted to update my resume and I searched for a recent format. Then I came to a facebook page, the page owner was just expert in it. The page also had a site for demo work and contact details. So, you could do the same or just get a facebook page.

Here, the main source is selling, for the income. It is all in one. You can sell, promote(affiliate) and get hired for freelancer jobs. You can sell as an exclusive seller or normal. Exclusive seller earns little higher than normal sellers.

High quality items

Yes, you need to provide high-quality contents whether graphic or icon. Vector arts need quality to be accepted because there are many already available.

Here you not only submit graphics but almost everything like audio, video intro, website script, WordPress plugins and many more.

How to sell products?

As described above you have to make brand by creating a portfolio. This site helps you to manage your contents in one place. All your items will have a detail and support area to tell your customers everything about the product.

You have to put all the details about the product, compatibility and the other important details.

Selling here is pretty simple you do not need to do anything. You can promote from your side or just upload and leave it. But yes, provide all genuine information, category and select the best keywords. At least these you need to set perfectly for good sale ranking.

Preparing files to upload

Here you need all quality files and also a preview file which is measured. The design is up to you and this is where you can show your brand.
ws spacepath font

  • You need a main file in ZIP folder (all files to buyer)
  • One preview file in JPG format width 590 px
  • One icon in PNG, JPEG 80 x 80 px
  • Optional ZIP foled for preview images

For a developer or a team this site is best to make sales and to promote. Such comunity really help in making good money.

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