How To Enable/Disable Google Chrome AdBlock?

Google Chrome let you enable and disable forced ad. And you probably want to know how to find it in its settings menu?

So, here it is!
I was wondering a few years ago if Google Chrome has such feature. I am using Chrome since I bought a computer. Possible because its popularity, but I know how fast you can open websites. I still see Mozilla Firefox is slower than Chrome.

I didn’t find in earlier version

There were some websites mainly informative and webmaster’s sites, where they ask to support by enabling AdBlocker. I tried to find this setting but only I can relate “Popups” to support those sites. Because they were asking to allow ads and there was only one setting (Popups) which could allow ads to appear. But this was not they are asking, I think.

That time I Googled it, but nothing appears to solve this.

Built-in feature

Now I can see it below “Popups”. Google Chrome Adblock is available, which named “Ads”. You may find plug-ins similar to Chrome Adblock better you get it with Google Chrome browser. It is built-in adblocker so you do not need to get another plugin.

I have it’s 78.0.3904.108┬áversion this time. I only update the browser and never tried any other plugin to block ads. If you do not see Adblocker, get the updated version.

Google Chrome Adblock

How to enable/disable chrome Adblock?

  • First, go to “settings” by clicking to three dots appear on the top right corner of Chrom browser.
  • Now, scroll down and click “Advanced”.
  • Under “Privacy and Settings”.
  • Find “Site Settings”
  • Under “Site Settings” you will see “Popups” and just below “Ads”.

This is what known as AdBlocker. You have to click on “Ads” to allow or dis-allow ads.

Below video will show you the steps

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