How To Find .htaccess/hidden Files In Your WordPress Blog

How to find .htaccess file and hidden files in your WordPress blog using cPanel? Where are my all hidden files?

In some cases, we need to edit .htaccess or other hidden files. For me, I need to redirect my old URL to new, so whoever uses the old address will get the correct post.

How to find .htaccess files

It is a hidden file and not appears in the file list. You need to change settings to see this.

Let me make it clear that I am talking about WordPress blog and the demo give below is eWallHost web hosting provider. The look may differ if you are using any other services.

Here for any hidden file and .htaccess too, you just need to go to settings and click checkbox which will display all hidden files. Settings button may appear in a different manner depending on your hosting provider.

Follow this
Settings – Show hidden files

Short video here to show fidning .htaccess/hidden files

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