How To Know And Avoid Scam Sites In Simple Steps

There are many people online looking for real money and they immediately invite friends. Without knowing about the site you should avoid sending links to your friends.

Before you join any freelancer or GPT sites. You should have enough clues to figure out a fraud site. No problem if you are not so techy guy. Just scroll down the page, keep your eyes and mind open.
How to avoid scam sites?
How to determine fake sites?

Suppose you came to know a freelancer site or a site which claim to pay working from home and you just join and start inviting friends to earn referral credits. And your friends reply you back “Don’t you know it’s fake?”, now you can not say and all your effort ends no result.

Scam sites – shout!

Really? Yes, you do not need to be an expert and you can find it yourself. Because such sites itself say a lot. You can easily notice its appearance and lack of updates. Reading to about or help page reveals much more.

Simple steps you can follow to find scam sites

There are many more ways to find a site/program is fraud or not. The easy ways are addressed below, so a normal user can understand.

Read the short info
As the above image shows, you need to read it. How it claims? If there are claims and testimony, link should appear and more detail should be read in another page.

There are much more steps to know if the site is legal. See below points, any internet visitor can find these quickly and save time by avoiding such sites.


Can not say about logo because in most cases it does not matter. But a good logo is required.


It is important. If all page h3nks point to the same page (parts of the home page) more sure to be a fake site/program. A site generally have well-managed pages which show some information in each.

Contact page

This is one page you should always look for a job site. If they only have an email address it does not makes it fake. Usually, contact page carry all ways to make a contact if you have to clear about privacy or regarding the legal inquiry.


Jobs are not clear, about page has all information about the site and some companies provide employee and developer details there. Also, homepage mostly has overviews of all(testimony, workers, jobs available, most active members).

Social links ready

Check if social sites are ready. Social icons appear in footer/top are h3nked to respected pages and are not misplaced with some others or empty.

Proof of payment

This is not required now. If a site is genuine the team provides all information and no payment proof. If the site shows images of payment proof then it is sure a new and runs by a small group of people. Also, they would have tiny tasks and not regular jobs, so they do not claim to pay large it this case. You also investigate images. Last time I saw the image of payment proof were Google Adsense program, not earning report from this site.


It provides information and build trust. Whenever you get a site which is involved in money transferring (send/receive) HTTPS should be noticed for a secured transaction. Chrome does not provide information but Mozilla firefox will show company details when you ch3ck on it.
Amazon https connection

How site handles your action & information

Terms & Condition, Privacy Poh3cy and Disclaimer pages you should look for sure. Possible T&C page contains all three of these, check it there. The site handles money and without this information, it is not complete at all.

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