How To Log Out Of Gmail Account From All Devices?

Here is how you can log out Gmail account from all devices you have ever used.

There are many reasons you have to use other devices to check your Gmail inbox. Possible your last device is not working properly or just lost. Or you have urgently check your emails and you are not carrying your phone, hence you ask a friend to give his phone.

So, whatever the reason is you have used many devices to log in and still shows logged in. Now for security purpose, you realize to log out all sessions you have used. The simple steps here you can follow to end all sessions and use only one, the current device.

Log out from all devices of gmail account

Gmail account log out from all devices

  • Log in to your Gmail account from any device.
  • Now scroll down to botton.
  • Find and click the “Details” link (standard or basic version both are same)
  • Click on the button “Sign out from all other web sessions” on new window/tab.

See the video

A short video here which will show you how to follow the above steps.

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