How to receive free gadgets

Freebies are online you can get it. Free gift cards, free iPods, free mobile phones, free mp3 players, free gaming consoles all are free here. Do not pay but get it all free of cost.

Free gadgets like Mobile phones, gaming consoles, mp3 players, Mac, PCs and free gift cards. Brand new products with the guarantee and free worldwide delivery. These free gadgets are not actually free but you invest your time to find people and they will pay for it directly or indirectly.

xpango promise free gifts if you can collect points by referring and signing up for various products and services.

How it works?

Go register it’s free to register. Choose your gift whatever you want to receive. Complete the task and claim it, you earn credits to complete tasks.

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How to earn credits?

Credits can be gained by either participating in Xpango Offers, Referring Friends or by purchasing a Clix Package or combination of these.

Credits are not same for gifts, it varies depending on the retail price of the product. More expensive gift require more credits.


Many offers are available with variety to suit all. Majority to complete offer is free. Play games, downloads and try trail offers.

How to complete xpango offers

xpango offers

Each product has a special link, share it to invite friends. This is the best way to earn credits. Post the link to the web page or use the e-mail form to invite friends.

Purchase clix package

Clix is ad package, each package contains 300 Clix and 3 Credits. This means that you get 300 visitors depending on your package who comes to Xpango website through your referral ID and you earn credits.

  • No fee to register.
  • Three ways to earn credits.
  • No limit of receiving gifts.
  • Worldwide delivery.

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