How To Start Blog – Newbies

So, you wanna start a blog. Thinking, how to start writing a blog?
Do I need programming knowledge? Who can start a blog? How to start?

Want to start blog

People will always need the guide in this as I am seeing everywhere on community sites. The question was about Programming knowledge for newbies starting a blog. Do you have social media account? Facebook and Twitter are social sharing sites. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform and Facebook also called blogging platform but writing on Facebook is little different as I am writing here. We use these sites to share products, blog posts, and other services. If you really want to start a blog and never used social media sites then go and try for a day or a week. Free to join and you can delete the account if you do not want to keep (I know many people avoid social sites).

Get paid hosting with support:
Web hosting for starters

By joining social sites you will come to know that you do not require any programming knowledge to post or upload. Blogging platforms are same you just need an account (with ID and PASS). Basic knowledge is extra in any field but blogging platform provide you to add new posts with Text and Visual editor. Text editor for those who know coding (HTML) and Visual editor makes it easy to see how it look to public.

start blog visual editor
Visual Editor of WordPress blog
start blog text editor
Text Editor of WordPress blog

As you can see in above images difference of Visual Editor and Text Editor.

Go for blogging

So, now you got it that you will need some easy coding or at least some of HTML tags for marking and adding focus on text. You can choose visual Editor if you are not comfortable with Text editor.

Now your topic for writing blog. You have decided to write a blog means you have stories to share. Anything like fashion, poem, review and many others. Does not matter but blog themes add interest on reading. Themes can be found on theme category.


Address and hosting pack you would require to make it live, I believe you know it already. For Blog address you can use subdomain provided by them (for we have or domain like

For hosting and domain name you can google the best company and also get off on first time purchase by using a coupon code or sometimes without it. Get cheap hosting or visit by web hosting tag.

Some of coding

If you do not know coding, no matter in blog writing. Some of the basic codes you can learn on writing, there are few HTML tags you can understand easily which will need in writing if you get some of these you will never stick when you need some editing. These are Bold, Italic, * Bullet points, adding images and links. However, you no require any of these to write just choose Visual Editor and select from top options for any text marking and linking to another page.

If you wanna learn some HTML codes I would recommend but I do not think you would like reading all these tutorial if you know nothing about coding. Codes are not entertaining, is it?
So, in future you feel it get some of the codes like Bullet point, Linking, Heading… just call Google, bing… for the help “How to adding a link/How to bold text in HTML” it will make you clear. There are many blogs and websites dedicated to HTML/CSS beginners.

Is writing blog hard?

No, writing blog isn’t hard but promoting it.

Blog platforms – go start now simply

Start it in a simple way, some of the blog platform I am mentioning below you can join free with subdomain and later you can get the own domain and hosting which allow you more features.
Below is some blog platform you can go and start after some minutes your blog will be ready and you can share with friends. Just visit and register, any time you can use your ID and pass to manage blog posts and blogs.

I would like to warn you if you go for free hosting. Blogging platforms have the strict policy about SPAM, now you can not just put many outgoing links and you should be careful using words otherwise you will lose your blog. You must read their Terms.

  • Blogger is google service, sign in with google ID get blog up and running in few seconds. You will get sub domain, address will look like this or can use own domain through setting.
  • WordPress is open source blogging. On you can create many blogs for free, you just focus on contents.
    For self hosted blog software are available on
  • Tumblr would be easy for you if you just wanna blog and do not want to see any of script. Just add contents. Feels like twitter you can follow others blog but there is no limit of characters as it is with twitter.
  • Weebly based around drag-and-drop contents, which enables you quickly create pages. Do not worry about setting designs and managing pages by using of codes, just drag to move first or second and click to add or edit contents.
  • (Known as Now changed and provide services about blogging tips.

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