How To Take Screenshot Of Websites

For posting on the web or any other purpose you required getting quick shot of your own or any website/blog can be done simply putting URL of a site. How to take screen shot to show other for the solutions on site. Want to be solved when you see error, get screen shot and mail. Google Chrome also has the option to attach error message on reporting.

How to do offline on windows PC

Screenshot will copy current opened window to clipboard in Windows PC. It is simple as you always copy-paste texts all the time. This is to copy active window, by this method you can copy active window not restored/inactive window or desktop background.
1. There is Print Screen button on keyboard right hand upper side, in the line of all F keys. It could also be labeled Ptr Scn or Ptr Scrn or prt sc sysrw
2. Press Alt + Prt Sc this will copy active window.
3. Open image editor like Ms Paint and paste it by Ctrl + V.
4. Save it, now this is an image file you have created. If required you can edit, add details mark any area to show where you want help/to point.

How to take screenshot of site/blog online

You can do same to take website shot, above method creates a screenshot of the entire window. For just a site you can use online screenshot creator.

ScreenShot generate online image of website, visit site and click webpage shot there is text area to put URL of site you want to get as image file. This site allow visitors to upload image to edit and offers to download application for instant shot generating.
ScreenShot created

Page2Images for entire blog/site, creates image of full site from top to bottom. If you have blog written long article Page2images will generate it from top to bottom not only one screen shot.

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