Laptop Can’t Access Internet But All Other Devices Can

The Internet is not working? Using wi-fi for internet and laptop/desktop is not getting access to the internet but the mobile browser opens the websites.

  • Laptop can’t access the internet but all other devices can.
  • Few sites open and other sites do not (using web browser).

It is very frustrating when you find yourself in such a situation. If the internet is fine all devices work properly, right? But this time you wake up and open your PC/Laptop and open browser to check email or just open a website. The error page opens says you are not connected to the internet.


Internet connection is not working on laptop/desktop. You are using wi-fi for the internet, and this time system is not opening any site or a few sites does not open.

Site is not responding

There are many solutions on YouTube, suggests you change the port and few settings. For me, none of them worked. So here is my personal experience and how I fixed it.

Most of the case it do not need to do such advanced settings or changing the port. First of all, you should make sure the connection is working properly (weather/cable).

Laptop can’t access to internet

  • Delete history including cache
  • Change the wi-fi name and password

Delete history

Your system need rest. If you have used the system for a long time and have not deleted the history for almost a month, then you should do it.

This is a very common problem and deleting the all-time history will fix it. You can immediately check the web pages after deleting it or you may need to restart your system.

Change wi-fi settings

Sometimes this could be the one. It happens when you have used the same connection and never change the password but you connect your system to other connections.

Again here you need to refresh the connection. Easy to do it.

One way is to close the connection and start it after a few minutes.

Second is to change the wi-fi name and password. Your computer will start it from the beginning hence the connection get refreshed.

Last words

Most of the time deleting all-time history works and I did not need to restart my laptop but restarting is recommended. You too get a break.

Wi-Fi setting is only needed when your computer is not detecting the signal. Do this when you can not set up the connection. A new start will always give you the result.

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