LinkiLike Payment Proof

This post shows you proof of payment from LinkiLike social influencer program. It is to show if the site legit or scam.

One of the social influence program ones can earn few by social activity. There are many as you may know MyLikes and others. You can see few Alternatives of MyLikes if you want to do such task to get some money when you are free.

LinkiLike was second choise

After MyLikes in order to earn few dollars by sharing entertaining contents, LinkiLike was my second choice. As I have mentioned I can not use MyLikes to earn some dollars, because it requires you to get minimum social likes and followers.

I joined to find out if these programs are legit

It was all to test the service if there are any services that pay or we all have just scam programs. As we see on social sites and review sites, how many scam programs are over the internet. Also, people have same question “How to earn?”, “Is there earning online” and etc…

Also, this post gives you an idea if you can earn some money and how much. Then you decide. Remeber you will not get rich doing these programs.
If you can earn some money by doing simple tasks then why not.

Do join and participate in these types of programs instead of spending lots of time watching television. You can also participate in cashback and other offers to save money.

LinkiLike payment proof

I immediately clicked withdraw money button as I reached the minimum amount to request the payment. It took me one and half year to reach that amount. Registered on 22/04/2016 and claimed withdrawal on 09/10/2017. A long time to get € 10.

linkiLike earning details

Almost one month of waiting after requesting. My payment status was in pending and I started thinking that it would not pay me. And suddenly NOV 2 I checked email. (Payment request on 09/10/2017 and received payment on 2nd NOV 2017)

PayPaly mail notification of payment received

You can see the amount I received. My earning was € 10.16 and the PayPal fee deducted € 00.94 so the final amount received is € 9.22

PayPal email

PayPal summery

LinkiLike paypal summery

Join if you want to earn few dollars. No purchase required to earn few dollars.

Click here to join

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