LopScoop Android App That Pays

Wanna earn some money with your smartphone? Android phone app can make you some money every day. It is simple, download app and get paid to share.

There are lots of programs you can make decent money by simple tasks. Some of them just pay to download and others for your activity. You may hear about social sites that pay to be active there such as TSU. I had some posts here and payment proofs of more than 5 members who earned $300+ using TSU social site. This site is not doing the same and I deleted those blog posts.

LopScoop app

LopScoop dashboard
Available for android phone for everyone who wants to get some money by sharing the posts. It is another social influence like MyLikes and other programs pay to share the contents. The only difference is you can do the same using your android phone.

LopScoop also has a website and easily shareable the same content using the web browser. Because it is introduced as smartphone app the web version has an error on login. Their main focus is mobile phone users. Can not say about website control to share and earn however the app is running well.

LopScoop earning

Joining is very quick and anyone can start using it just after downloading. You earn to read and share the post every day. Mostly to share the post but you also earn to open 5 posts every day. Your sharing is recorded as points and converts into money. App dashboard show everyday point and the total money you have earned.

Choose from the category and share on social sites. They have three option only Facebook, WhatsApp and Google+.

Here your rank increase as you share the posts. Higher your rank there the earning amount also grow per share.
LopScoop rank

How to start?

  • Get this app from play store search for LopScoop or use the link. Download it
  • Login through anyone social account and start sharing the posts you want to share with friends and community.
  • Do Novice task and get paid large amount once. Such as add mailbox, subscribe to channel, add facebook account, share first content, invite friends and enter the invitation code. These tasks will be give higher points.
    Enter code XZXY1672 for 50 points or enter other if you already have.
  • Daily tasks is just an indication to show if you have completed it or not. 5 read and 5 share posts give 100 poins and 1000 invitation 500000 points daily.

Payment is done via PayPal. You need $4+ to request a withdrawal. They have WhatsApp group for payment support to understand money scheme and get money early as possible. Visit the link to join group http://bit.ly/Withdraw-Group-of-Lopscoop

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