Lopscoop Second Earning

An app allowing everyone to earn few amounts by sharing and reading the posts. The second report about its experience.

As I opened the app to do all money-earning activities to review and to get money from it, what I saw was very sad. This time I can say it is the final review of Lopscoop app.

Excited about Lopscoop second earning

Yes, I was planning to show all you guys my second withdrawal from Lopscoop app even though there are many negative reviews about second money request. Finally, with a broken heart, I can put my words here to you.

The first post about Lopscoop payment proof you can see. Obviously, I was very excited to share another payment proof. I wanted to show the proof and this is the time to see if the app is legitimate.

Online workers know how difficult it is to make some money online and online activities like micro jobs, PTC sites, rewarding search, survey sites and other GPT programs are all about rewarding. At least I do not consider it as earning programs becasue you get some money after months/year. Better you too consider it as a saving and just think you save money by doing something.


The first withdrawal was very easy and quick. I do not like their idea of making the payment request but I continued using the app. Also, I do not like the functions as it seems the app is not ready (payment buttons do not work properly).

The process of withdrawing: As per their guidance, members have to make payment request first in-app and then request on WhatsApp group by showing your bank details. They say the updated app is now not required to make the request on WhatsApp group and also they have added Paytm payment.

Update app has low earning: Who will like to earn very little money by doing things every day. Well, I know the creator side and their hard work and how people use the trick to make money fast.

Credits: They have introduced with another credits system by removing the last idea of awards. Now earning gold is important to maximize the earning. As in the previous app, nobody has the idea of points and same after the update.

Where is my Lopscoop second earning?

There are other things to notice and you would not find any solution so just stop getting points and get proof of second payment.

Well, this time I lose all. I had about 522 INR. On 27th of SEP morning, I opened the app and checked the earning tab where I saw the amount showed me 4 INR. I was shocked, where all my money have gone.

Lopscoop login page

Someone else used my Lopscoop account

Another thing I had noticed, the payment page where you submit payment details where I saw email address which is not mine. It is the fraudulent action I can not. It, looks like someone had used my account but how?

My earning has gone and second I see someone’s else email id entered in my PayPal address.

Last words

Many people had told me they will not give me the second payment because they are paying to few only. I thought I was sincere so I will definitely get money.


They have cheated me. I can not even log in using Google account and the money has been wiped out. What could I say about the Lopscoop app?

My second earning is 00.00, I could not request the money because someone has done it. Who can access my account? Only Lopscoop team, is it?

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