Make Money From Games With Refereum

Once again here money from games. Definitely, everyone here wants some good money online. There is another way just introduced where all gaming influencer and gamers can make money.

“Money from games”, it is an old keyword by influencers and people who want some easy money online. I am sure you would like to know more about money through playing games. There were too many ads a few years ago and we all really had interest in such idea and the result we know. Those were fake and people started ignoring such ads. I too had many questions seen on social sites people were asking “Please tell us how to earn money playing games” and we say there is no such program which will pay you to play games.

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Earn money from games

Make money from games. Really?

I must say this time. Yes! We just started the year 2018 and there was so many news from decentralized currencies. And how the bitcoin raised from few hundred dollars to thousand dollars in last months of 2017 and there are many digital coins going to launch.

So, here the same idea applies. A platform to promote games know as Refereum. ICO sale will start on 8 February 2018.

It is true that you will be paid to promote games or to play games. So, you would definitely buy a game listed there and play. All players will earn points and will be able to exchange for RFR(refereum) and prizes. It for games and gamer will be involved. So, all the way gamers do to share and promote is the way to earn reward points.

RFR is founded to democratize streaming

They want influencers from any country or language to start being rewarded for their hard work. To unite the world of gaming together and enjoy more games and rewards by their following. Already started earning, allows gamers and streamers to earn points for watching and hosting streams.

Traditional and refereum

Here you see in above diagram Refereum is basically saving advertising cost. And this will be distributed above gamers, influencers and developer.

See below image how the points are distributed for downloading/purchasing and sharing it with friends. There are more games to be listed on this page. Keep receiving updates by joining their social pages and reading blog.
Earn by playing and sharing

Basically, there was a promoters team which is a promoter team. They are the medium between game developers and the customers. Who charges a large amount to promote the game. So here, this project will save the amount of promotion by directly connecting to the influencer and save more cost.

Benefits of refereum

Intend to deliver three main parties who are involved in the gaming ecosystem. Here the benefits are not going to the ad company as traditionally but to those who are directly connected to games.

Earn rewards for doing what you love
Use Refereum to buy games, merch
Secure purchases and rewards

Earn more with Refereum
Maximize influence with any sized following
Do it all with no legal fees or set-up costs

Minimize game distribution costs
Use high-performing referral marketing
Sponsor cash prizes for eSports, clans, and more

I am not going to purchase ICO. First and last reason is, I do not have money. My personal advice is, do join, play and promote games.

If you have money that you do not care much then invest. Because it is related to gaming industry and you know how large it is and profitable.

How to participate

You can participate in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) when it starts (February 2018). Purchase of ICO will give you more benefit than others who purchase tokens later.

Token sale starts

Ticker: RFR
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token Price: 1 RFR = 0.0100 USD
Fundraising Goal: 25,000,000 USD
Total Tokens: 5,000,000,000
Available for Token Sale: 50%
Whitelist: YES (UNTIL 18 JAN, JOIN )
Know Your Customer (KYC): YES
Accepts: ETH, BTC

For now, you can join refereum and start playing to gain points which is later exchangeable into RFR. Get more points by calling people using the link given to you. So, join the site and also follow them on social sites.

Connet to discord, twitch and telegram for more points. Now use the links below.

Join refereum Join refereum on telegram

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