Make Your Smartphone A Mobile Scanner

What do you do to get a file/documents to send online?
We used to go to an internet cafe and pay them to scan a file, then you could send that file to the receiver. These days with smartphones scanning became as easy as opening an app.

With your smartphone now you are able to scan any file without paying for it within few minutes. Some of the easily available apps are below, you can get them from play store also available for iPhone user.

Smartphone as mobile scanner

Mobile scanner
Your smartphone can scan your documents and uploads or shares using your chat applications. Your same camera do this and you only need to get an app. These apps let you take a picture using the same camera and upload directly to the server.

So now you have your own mobile scanner. And any time you can upload and share the documents.

Mobile scanner – Google drive

Google drive
This is pre-installed on Android phones. If you have never used any scanner app and cannot decide which one to download, Goole drive is already on your android phone. So try it if it’s urgent to upload a file for office, school or personal use.

For me, scanning is simple but takes time to upload.

Mobile scanner – CamScanner

Require you to enter the mobile number and you will receive an activation key and you are ready to start using it. It helps you to share with anyone or upload to the server you prefer. Text, Doc link, PDF file, Image JPG.

Good experience with it, especially on uploading.

Mobile scanner – Evernote

This is one of the best to store text note as well as documents. If your phone has no To Do List/Note app, you can prefer this one.

Available for iOS and scanning is pretty good in android has improved its camera. As you tap Camera button on the app, its camera starts the auto scan and crop them and upload to Evernote account instantly in PDF or image. You are able to do another shot manually if you are not satisfied with the first auto shot of the app.

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