Making money with link shortener service

Link shortener service is an idea of creating small link of long URL which not easy to remember and can not post in there is limited texts allowed. Short link can be easily sent through SMS with your comments.

Short links and money

Link shortener service provider allow you to get small custom link of long URL, they pay you to share it where visitors clicks and see ad page for 5-10 seconds and you get paid, because you are working behind it.

More than two years back I think it was everywhere, how to make money with link shortener service? some of fake links were there which had no contents and it was posted on social sites. Because of the spam posts now you can not post link shortener URL to facebook wall, I am do not know but sure there are changes on every popular social sites that you have to wait or limited number of post/day.

You would like to know some simple link shortener service providers Great link shortener services
Some best selected and paying Link shortener service providers

See it

View of making link short

Below you can see two text box, one is to enter URL and another is to create custom tag. paste long URL you want to make short and put your tag, hit the button to get short link. Now you can share it on posts and through SMS, easy because it is short and required 10-20 of character.
short url

When it is money and making money in some steps people go wild about it, that’s why facebook banned some URLs. So you can not post short links on social sites to make money. Community sites do not allow some URLs because of same contents over and over again.

Two link shortener service very similar feature

You will find many link shortener service provider even facebook and twitter do. Here are two most popular link shortener service for earning, they have similar features for members for sharing and presenting.
LinkBucks link shortener

How I can earn if facebook doesn’t allow to post link

Social media is great to promote any content and to be in contact. We always use it to promote articles, services and products. There are many community sites you can join and build followers to share anything, yes not all are good in getting reply. Some of sites I noticed have older posts more than a year. Its my experience one has to build visitors first, if you go for community sites not major but small you can will get hits but not always. People start begging or exchange these link which will ban them. Writing on your knowledge and links to related posts, pics are great idea.

Major community sites do not allow paying links, my post in facebook comment was stopped because I was adding link. Not all websites have same terms, facebook is so popular and people use it everyday, spammers are all around.

Search for forum on your interest and start a new thread which you can keep alive. Do not post hourly but once or twice a day, update it regularly.
There are good number of community sites and micro blogging platform you can join and use links.

Link shortener service to hide affiliate links

You would not like to share affiliate link on web without using HTML code, but of course would like to make it short first. Can be easily used in micro blogging sites not more than 10-15 character consumes by short URL, links you want to share or affiliate links can be hidden in comments and reply.

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