Moto X4 Is Taking Too Long To Setup First Time

It is hard to set up new Moto X4 phone the first time. Just got it and tried to start the phone with google account, shows “Adding finishing touches”.

It happened the first time but I really expect such things when it is about gadgets. Can not trust it, because it is all about design, right.

Never happened before but this time, do not know why. Got Moto X4 and started it. Did all except fingerprint lock and data import, because so excited to experience it.

Moto x4 home screen

What was the problem?

Entered Gmail and password. These are the basic settings all devices ask initially(language, region…), so I did the same here with Moto X4 too. Then in the final step, what I see is “endless loop in first time setting”.

It took me almost two hours and still the message was “Adding finishing touches…”. I thought possible it is because of it’s quality and fingerprint scanning system which is taking a long time to start the phone. But two hours is not normal to set up a phone for the very first time, I believe 5-10 minutes is okay.

These were the steps:

  • Welcome screen
  • Accept privacy settings
  • Bring data from cloud
  • Google account credentials
  • Getting account info
  • Turn on/off Google services [Next]
  • Checking…
  • Anything else? [All Set]
  • Adding finishing touches…

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What is the solution?

Yes, here I got the solution and it is very simple. Possible one might think while the setup process is running, is it okay to reset/switch-off the phone? Or, do something to go back to the initial set up screen.

Here when someone has to wait almost two hours to set up the phone it is obvious to do something like this. Go and stop this set up by the restarting the phone. It will stop the process and let you start over again. This time you just skip the Gmail setup. You can do it all later on when your phone is ready to use, importing the contact and other data from your Gmail account.

Summarize the solution

1. Stop process by restarting the phone.
2. Skip Gmail setup.

This problem was discussed on Lenovo forum and solution is same.

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