Online community moderator jobs

Opportunity to work from home, anyone who knows about community sites and basic to handle. There are more one must poses technical knowledge. Company may ask you for degree and sometimes anyone can apply.

Moderators help site owner

A moderator jobs are to sustain the momentum, work towards keeping an eye on the conversation and validation. I have no doubt that you are active in social media at least in one also active in forums and other community sites (international/local). These sites have thousand of daily visitors, site owner need to control the posts to keep site clean and running. Moderators have some rights to ban user for a period of time, accept/deny new user, delete and/or edit post and reply. It depends on moderator rank and job provided by the site(company owner) admin.

Online moderator job

Online moderator means a person like you are a member of site and a staff member also who helps site owner to run community and help members about site features. He/she do this job from home choosing own hour, companies have rules on work hours like 20-25 hours in a week. So you can decide how to mange your time working from home setting own time everyday.

Doing moderator job online you no need to meet or visit but have to active online to answer people, login and visit current posts and comments, follow the rules as a moderator you were instructed by the owner whether to delete, ban, warn or simply answer the post.

Basic requirements for online moderator job

Doing online job is not like chatting as facebook or any other site you do always but it is a responsibility to give best service. You will work for company so be gentle. Before going to apply you must:

  • Must be 18 or over
  • Strong typing skill
  • Familiarity with social media site on personal or professional level
  • Experienced computer user with instant email messaging program
  • High internet access

I mentioned few points that is basic requirement before going to apply for moderator job. Company has more points you also posses industry knowledge.

Moderator jobs available

eModeration has always opportunities for moderators and community managers. Visit the given may there is freelance job listed also.
LiveWorld for part-time, work from home jobs. No prior experience is required.
Metaverse Mod Squad moderate web content, chat with customers, manage communities and buzz in social media, native foreign language skills are a plus.
Yelp hires work at home in specific locations. If you want to work with them, check their site’s job page if they are hiring from the area you are.
Lithium recruit people to work remotely as a community manager require previous experience.

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