Online Funny Photo Maker

Making funny photo online is fun. Funny photo maker will add your face to someone else photo. It has already designed template which can be used by people anytime, just upload your photo. There is no editing required to set or cut any area of loaded picture.

More on photo/image editor:

For creating funny effects to your own face, here you can find some easy tools online easily generate funny photo. This is not image editor tool but effect creator you can add your own face to objects and replace with your face with a celebrity, paper cutouts, bill boards and others. This template where you have to upload your photo which you want to create effects and that’s all, the creator will do the next.

Online funny photo makers

1. PhotoFunia

PhotoFunia is not cartoon effect creator but creates fun effects. Add your photo to various object and flyers, this is similar with others but insert to other photo by replacing.
funny photo

2. has wide option you can choose from.
funny photo

3. for framed photo, post cards effects. Add funny frame to your photo online, this is specially for adding frame to picture.
funny photo

4. for fairy effect. Put yourself into fairy land, create framed and ad many more effect online.
funny photo

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