How To Pair JBL Go Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Android Phone

Trouble to pair JBL Go Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and table or smartphone? Here is how you can fix it.

Pairing to the device like smartphone or tablet with JBL Go portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is very simple. However, sometime you may find the smartphone/tablet does not show up. So how to fix it if your tablet/smartphone does not show JBL Go even after you have turned on the device.

If you have previously used it perfectly and this time you are facing it, no matter you can fix it within seconds.

JBL Go portable wireless bluetooth speaker

It is small that you can carry anywhere and sound enough for this much small item. Use any bluetooth devices to connect with like Laptop and other home audio devices as well.

JBL Go portable wireless speaker

Dimension: 1.21 x 3.26 x 2.69 in
Weight: 4.59 ounces
Battery capacity: 600 mAh

JBL Go USB port

In below imag eyou can see the buttons – power, bluetooth, volum and call pick/drop.
JBL Go buttons

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How to connect JBL go with smartphone/tablet

First time pairing the devices would be so easy. It will also connect to any other phone which has bluetooth function without any pin requirement. You just need to switch on bluetooth.


First of all turn on your smartphone/tablet bluetooth.


Now turn on JBL Go power button and then bluetooth button.


You will see name of the JBL speaker appear and it will connect auto. Tap if does not connect automatically.

Remember you do not have to put the pin to connect. If you do not see the “JBL Go” name appear on your smartphone, just repeat the above steps. Remove old connection and use the smartphone or whatever the device you want to connect and then use JBL speaker to pair.

Watch this video about pairing JBL speaker and Android phone

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