Points2Shop Reward Program

Points2Shop is a website where you earn rewards for completing various activities. You activities give you points and exchange it for gift cards.

Points2Shop (P2S) activities are:

  • Completing surveys
  • Signing up for trial offers
  • Completing tasks

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How to join points2shop

Joining is very easy. You have to do sign up with your email id and activate membership through the link in your email.

“Earn Points” page where you can see all the ways to earn points. It lists various links to surveys, trial offers, tasks. Always check this page for latest surveys and offers.

How to earn points

P2S gives 250 free points on sign up. Think how long it takes to get even 200 points by completing tasks and surveys.

Survey sites based on region usually have to survey, you get “pre-survey” questions (complaint by people who have experience in survey sites). The same could happen to you on this website. But once you qualify for the survey, you get big points.
Sometimes, it is really hard to qualify for the survey.

Surveys you get is something like:

  • Play two TV trivia games and earn 200 points.
  • Sign up for free trial on Cinematrix and earn 300 points.

Be careful not buy something you do not need. Cancels the reward you earn as any money you spend.

Referral system

You can also get points for downloading mobile apps and reffing friends. Some survey sites give $5 to $7 for referral, Points2Shop gives you $0.50 for verified referral and then $0.50 for the first offer.

There is another $0.50 for each offer they complete and it is available only for USA and UK member(referral).

Points2Shop referral tires

Types of rewards

You have a range of rewards. Low-cost rewards like branded P2S earphone or pencils, even one dollar for 100 points.

You can redeem Amazon gift cards. They mail the gift card to you, not by electronically. iTunes and best buy gift cards are electronically delivered.

Some of top geographics by region

Americas Europe Asia-Pcific Middle East Africa
United State UK Indian Turkey South Africa
Canada Germany Australia Egypt Nigeria
Brazil Italy China UAE Kenya

More region you can see on their website home page by scrolling down.

A user’s testimonial and page

I am sharing a user’s testimonial and her page because I could not make myself to recommend P2S after reading few reviews. See these before joining P2S.

Points2Shop testimonial
A user’s feed back about the gift she received.

P2S rewards
P2S rewards she redeemed. Her profile page shows her redeemed rewards.
P2S achievements
Her achievements. Here profile page her achievements listed.

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