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Alternatives of the Google Adsense program. There are other ad networks you can use in your small blog or website.
You have a small blog for just passion or have no much posts to submit for Google Adsense review. Whatever you are writing you can make some money showing ads. Most bloggers will not show ads from these publishers because Adsense is one and best.

Ad network

Bloggers main source of earning is not necessarily come from an ad network. Some do not blog for money so they do not use any ad. Possible they do with a free blogging platform.

Whenever it comes earning money with the ad network, Adsense is only best suits for all kind of blog. For some reason, people do not like or Google rejects their request can use these.

For Google AdSense Program, you need to follow a few steps before applying for publisher program. Obviously, this is the most popular and used by many companies, hence terms are strict. You need to have a good site theme and text should be readable. Also, few pages need to be set before applying like about, privacy policy, contact and others if needed like faq and disclaimer pages.

Most popular and best

Receiving 200+ of unique visitors per day then Google AdSense, BuyandSell, media are some best choice. If you have really good traffic then, without doubt, go for AdSense and I would recommend you to use auto ad. Adsense auto ad will find the best place to show ads and you do not need to place codes in the middle of the post, let Google itself decide it.

Alternatives of Adsense program which are popular

Here are some more ad networks besides Adsense. These are quite popular for easy setup and withdrawal amount is lower than AdSense.

Some of them do not need to wait for approval and not even require large traffic daily.


InfoLinks is different from other ad networks. It has few products to choose from, which will change the view and visiting experience. Select from the best to suit your site content like intext, infold, intag, inframe and inarticle.

It changes keywords into clickable links or show banner on both sides or shows frame ad. Basically, it will show ads in a different style and it will appear on every page you scroll. So, choose wisely.

You have to submit your site and wait for approval. Takes time and possible they can remove sites which are not performing well.
The minimum payment threshold is $50 and $100 for bank wire transfer ($1000 for selected country).

Monetize with InfoLinks


Chitika is another ad network prefered by many. For me, it is not good according to my content. Mostly show ads which open a new window and clicks to any link is not necessary opens it in a single click.

To start with Chitika you no need to submit your site for review. Just get a code from a predefined size and place it wherever you want to show the ads and it will appear in the report.

The minimum threshold amount is $50.

Monetize with Chitika


A division of Bpath Ltd. and one of the oldest PPC network. It has been underrated when compared with other popular ad networks, but still in popular and best.

It has a low click rate and according to bloggers, it does not show relevant ads. Even I found no relevant ads for your blog posts. If you do not want to manage your blog ad and want other platforms to do for you, then you would like to show a link “add your ad here”.

The minimum threshold amount is $10.

Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser


I thought my site was hacked when I first installed Clicksor ad script. Your site will take time to open fully and a window open, also possible you will see some extra ad unit into sidebar which you didn’t install.

Nobody will like to see pop up ads on each click, if you have free files, games or something which can entertain people then you can make money.

Anyone who can not use Adsense program for whatever the matter can use it for download files and scripts. Well some of the people also use link shortner services or pay per download programs.

They pay in three methods and the minimum payout amount is:
$50 for PayPal/cheque and $1000 for wire transfer.

Monetize with Clicksor


It has a different ad type you can choose from while adding your site. Ad types are pop-up ads, pop-under, widget and desktop ad.

Pop-up/pop-under ads may not interest you as we have experience of all it. Most of the people who only look at genuine information possibly would not like to see such ads. So again here I believe file downloading or film downloading site can earn a good income from this.

Well, you can avoid all those bounce and pop ads by unchecking it. Go to your Account setting and uncheck preferences.

They pay in three methods and the minimum payout amout is:
$20 for PayPal/Payoneer and $500 for wire transfer.

Monetize with RevenueHits

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