Private Search Engines That Don’t Track You

Search engines for everything, right? Yes, we do that. Whatever the term or even for a website, people first open search engines (mostly Google).

It was very hard to get the relevant answer years ago. Longtime internet users know how a search engine has important, credit goes to artificial intelligence. Now we can get relevant results with the single click which was very difficult years ago.

These days I do not even go to the second and third pages, relevant results mostly appear on the first page.

How did search engines improve so much?

It is all by tracking you. Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines keep your data/search terms to improve the result.

This is why they request you to register.

  • Improving web indexes
  • Working with fast computing speed
  • Collecting tons of data about what people search.

Why Google is so popular

Possible because of its most relevant search result. Advertising/promotion and first in the race do matter but Google is not number one only of these. Leave all others and just think about how Google is making network among businessmen and customers and even for normal people who just know who not know it’s important.

Google has many products and these products help a lot to make Google search most relevant. It has an advertising program for businessmen which connect all together whether small or large. By making a network it becomes so easy to find who is using their product and how they are benefiting. Tracking one about their interest and how many times they look for the information is one make it number one.

We all know most people do not even look for the terms and privacy policy while registering any site. If you visit the privacy page, you will see how your personal data is being used.

Google privacy policy

They also collect information about your location, IP, search terms, the video you watch, the product you purchase, sensor data from your device and more…

Personal search engine – alternatives of Google

If you are aware of last facebook data theft and many other personal data sold by some company and want to protect yourself then you must know how to do so.

If you care your personal data a lot or just privacy-conscious then you should look for private search engines. At least try and experience them all yourself. There is the difference but if it is about your personal data then you must take care of it. With a little bit different the search engines will show the almost similar result.

Private search engine you can start using

For private search DuckDuckGo is considered best, even it is default search engine in TOR browser.

Private search engine does not trach


DuckDuckGo – The most well-known private search engine.


SearchEncrypt – End-to-end encryption. Search terms expire and no tracking.


StartPage – Uses Google search results in a private-friendly way.

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