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PxBee a new photo website gives photographers an opportunity to sell their photo and earn money. Like many other stock photography websites. It is a place to sell and buy photographs.

As the community grows new stock photo websites are emerging. PxBee is new in this field from Fotor Photography which is quite popular in photo editing. Those who already know and utilized Fotor for their editing purpose will definitely like to try this site.

Developer: Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd
OS: Linux & Windows
Website: PxBee

PxBee photographs quality

In the photography field, I personally experienced if you have not best quality then just forget. Today there are many smartphones and almost 8 of 10 are having the latest model. So, they all can click quality photographs. For a stock photo site, it is must have a niche, unique and some sense creative.
PxBee categories

Browsing through the categories, you will see mid-level to the high quality of photographs comparison to other stock photo websites. These are suitable for stock usage and with its variety good for marketing platforms and for commercial usage.

For example, many companies purchase stock photo in order to overlay texts for marketing. And here they can find City shots, Portraits, Wallpapers, Still shots, Abstract, Black & white and many more which are best to add text on it. More categories are “Animal, Landscape, Smile, Food, Kids, Plant, Car etc.


I have tried their categories and also search tool with similar words like “men, women, portrait, colors and more” to see if they miss something. But I found very fine result as many do not show perfect and some lack the photo. Here you find quite a good number of photographs through search.
PxBee search by image

You can even use photo search google does. Upload one or drag & drop photo you want to find a similar photo. Here tried with photographs and my own vector art. I uploaded a group of people and a cat’s photo which gave me perfect results. And my vector art obviously would not show similar items.

You can get any images search by uploading image up to 5MB.

How does it work?

Registration is free as many other stock photo websites are. As a buyer or a photographer join and create an account. Later you can purchase or add the photographs.

For a photograph:
1. Once you have an account there, you can start uploading the photos to your account.
2. Now, wait until your photos go through a review process.
3. If the image fits their guidelines, the image will appear in the marketplace.

Image pricing

PxBee price

Royalty Free License
  1. Standard License
    • Small Image: $2.99/image
    • Media Image: $4.99/image
    • Large Image: $9.99/image
  2. Extended License
    • Image: $99.99/image
Subscription License
  1. Annual License
    • 50 Imgaes: $79.99/month
    • 125 Images: $99.99/month
    • 750 Images: $199.99/month
  2. Monthly License
    • 25 Images: $59.99/month
    • 75 Images: $89.99/month
    • 350 Images: $119.99/month
  • Annual subscription starts at $00.27/image and you can choose to download 50, 125 or 750 images monthly per year.
  • Monthly subscription starts at $00.34/image and you can choose to download 25, 75 or 350 images per month.

Submission guide

  • Photo should have a theme with clear subject and precise expression.
  • It should be suitable for design project.
  • Should be captured naturally. They are accepting real life images.
  • Highly appreciated with artistic expressions.
  • Different places and cultures are accepted.
  • Photos from different perspective is accept which tell different story.

Revenue share

PxBee may set a different price for a separate photo within the same transaction or different price for the same photo. Price is dependent on the factor – license type, size, quality, transaction model, offer or conditions set by buyers, whether a Model Release (where applicable) is accompanied.

They will share 50% of revenue after all applicable taxes and fees to the contributors. The company sends money to contributors to their PayPal account.


If you are struggling hard to sell your photographs try this new website. This is a legitimate company and anyone can join to sell their quality photographs. Following submission guidence, one can make a good sale as creativity is always a plus. And here the company is accepting photographs which are best suited for designing purposes.

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