How To Remove Apps From Facebook

How to remove apps connected to your facebook account? Especially when you are not using that app anymore, such as games and editor apps which ask you to log in through facebook.

Facebook is used by almost everyone still most people avoid using it. Nevertheless, its users are larger than any other social sites.
Want to remove app which is not using currently and you think not even going to use it in future. Follow the steps to remove apps you want to stop using your facebook account.

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Remove apps connected to you facebook account

Most frequently social site facebook where you meet friends. It is obvious you would like to keep it clean and do not want to let others use your timeline and access your personal data.
If you have unnecessary apps connected or allowed them accidentally or wanted to see the app by quick login access. Here are simple steps to remove them.

Go to setings
Click to the drop down icon displayed on top right site. And then click to “settings” option.

Facebook settings

In settings page click “apps” appear on left side. This will open apps and sites connected with your faebook account.

Find apps
App settings page shows all apps you allowed to use your facebook account. Here just mouse hover to an app you want to remove. Mouse hovering will show the option to edit and remove it.
To edit click on pencil icon where you can edit apps visibility, notification and others.
To remove, click on cancel icon and it will ask you to conferm the action.
Remove facebook app

If you are sure then click to remove button or go back by clicking to cancel button.
Remove apps conferm

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